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How to Change a Homepage on Mac Using Safari

When you open the Web browser on your computer, the page that loads automatically is called your homepage. Most browsers come with a default homepage. In the case of the Apple browser Safari, the main Apple page is set as the default page. Changing the homepage to one you use on a daily basis can he

Make the Most Out of Social Media

Using social media is now one of the leading ways to achieve success in any business. Whether you have a local shop or simply located online, you will find that social interaction is really a ...

Wireless Printing Options

Wireless printing allows you to minimize the amount of wires you need to run around the house. When you're dealing with many computers on a home network, needing to hook each into the printer as you need it can be a real hassle. Wireless printing can be set up through a wireless printer...

How to Add Buttons to the Yahoo! Toolbar

The Yahoo! toolbar has a search bar that makes it easy for you to search the Web, without opening a new browser tab or window. The toolbar, however, also has several other features, including bookmark-like links to applications and websites. These buttons are on the right side of the Yahoo! toolbar.

Advantages of PSD to Magento Theme

Magento Theme Integration is the best way to alter the look of your ecommerce site. There are various Premium Magento Themes available on our online store. Magento themes are the best for branding all

How to Add Outlook Express to Firefox

In order to allow Firefox to use Outlook Express for opening and sending emails directly from links on Web pages, you will have to set Outlooks Express as the default email client. You need to change this setting both within Outlook Express and also within Firefox itself.

How to Get Unlimited Nudges on MSN

MSN Messenger is instant messaging software that allows you to chat with contacts, send videos and voice. Nudges are a new feature in MSN Messenger that are used to get a contact's attention. Enabling nudges allows you to nudge a contact as many times as you want, and your contact can nudge you as m

How to Switch From Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a free email client available from Mozilla, the same organization that created the Firefox Web browser. Setting up your email on Thunderbird is very easy, provided you know your email settings. At the time of publication, there is not a direct way to import saved emails from Mac Mail

How to Use Mac AirPort Wi-Fi

Long gone are the days of slow dial-up Internet connections. With Wi-Fi hotspots popping up all over the country, the Internet can go wherever you do. Using the AirPort function that is built into every Mac computer, access the Internet anywhere there is a Wi-Fi signal.