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If You Want Success - Have a Plan

You can't have a goal without a plan or some concrete thought on how to achieve the goal you've set. For me, the goal was qualifying for Boston, but, when push came to shove, I really had no plan for how I was going to get it done.

The Humility of Heart

Simply put, humility is the belief that oneself is not better than another and it can be a form of powerful self discipline. Unseemingly so, but humility allows a person to become happier flourishing with self contentment.

I'll Be Happy When

Are you living a life of "I'll be happy when?"Are you striving to obtain what you think will make you happy? The key to getting what you want in life is to be happy now in whatever situation you find yourself in. Then the things you desire flow effortlessly into your life. It all star

Kabbalah - The Science of the Concealed

Some people think of Kabbalah as a mystery, a new age religion, mysticism, or magic. In fact, Kabbalah is none of these, yet even Kabbalists call it "a concealed wisdom." At first, this seems like a paradox: How can Kabbalah be something that's "concealed," yet not be a myst

Money Is Energy - Lessons From Mentors

Attracting money into your life is something most of the planet wants to know how to do better. What they don't realize is that money, like anything else is attracted by the right energy. If you're thinking thoughts of debt, you'll attract debt. Learning how to attract money is done b

Moving Forward Through Building Momentum

Living life can be beautiful if you simply think it to be beautiful. You need not hesitate to allow yourself to achieve what you wish from life. Thus, you simply need to be sure of what you want and you will be given an equivalent part of life that meets your inner most desires.

Getting Along With Others

First thing one should always be aware of is that people come in different shapes forms and sizes. This includes different personalities and way one perceives things to be in their life. Being aware of these things helps one to be more open minded with dealing with differences in other people. Part

The New Emotional Psychology

During times of trouble, like the recent recession, people begin looking within more than ever. The result is a new emotional psychology that brings us closer to the truth. So what exactly does this new emotional psychology encompass? It shows that people are re-learning the way they are meant to ex

It's time to buy a good survival kit?

During these tough times we really don't want to have to think about spending more money, but this is something that is very important and we all should get some sort of an emergency kit. ...

Bob's Ride

What have you done recently that was completely and utterly new, out of your comfort zone? What will it mean in your life when you do?

Bible Verses - Encouraging Inspirational Bible Verses

Tragic and heartbreaking situations can occur in life at any moment and test the courage of even the strongest individuals. These troubling events can take the form of an unexpected death, serious illness or accident, job loss, foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, home destruction or ID theft. They can

The Secret Of Successful Personal Development

In your search for the secret to successful personal development you begin to study the people you come in contact with. After persistent searching, you find that there are a lucky few, who in addition to a plan, also have a burning desire to achieve something that will be a life changing experience

You Don't Get A Second Chance To Make First Impression

How much do you believe in yourself? Does your image and appearance show it. Making ourselves a little better on the outside can dramatically change the way we feel about ourselves on the inside.It can also create different pathes on our road to success.Be the best you that you can be.