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How to Put Pearl Paint on a Car

Pearl paint makes a car look very distinctive. Pearl paint can be made using regular auto paint with a pearl concentrate. Mixing the paint and applying it are relatively easy tasks that you can do at home. Make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area and wearing safety goggles before starting th

How to Change the Rear Tire on a Harley Rocker

Changing the rear tire on your Harley Rocker is a job that you must do as soon as you see the tread wearing out on the tire. If you rear tire blows out while you're riding down the road, you risk having a serious crash that can damage your Harley and injure you. Changing the tire takes about an hour

How to Fix a Blotchy Paint Job

If paint is poorly applied to something with little care taken when doing it, the paint will look blotchy, leaving some spots saturated in lots of color while other spots will barely have any. If this happens, you need to repaint it. Before repainting it, you need to apply primer. This will help kee

Honda Odyssey Seat Removal

The seats in the Honda Odyssey can be removed or repositioned to create more cargo space. There are two different types of removable seats that are available depending on the specific Honda Odyssey model. Every Honda Odyssey has removable second row bucket seats. Some models also have a removable, s

How to Fix a 2000 Ford Focus Wheel Bearing

The front wheel bearings in your 2000 Ford Focus are nonadjustable, sealed and pressed into the steering knuckle on the front of the car. Replacement of the wheel bearings requires that the bearing be pressed out of the steering knuckle using a hydraulic press. If you do not have access to a hydraul

How to Recharge a Booster Pac

A booster pac is a portable jump starter. Should the battery in your car, boat, RV or generator die, a booster pac can power the battery and restart it. A booster pac uses a rechargeable battery and jumper cables to provide power to the battery. The rechargeable battery should be charged after each

What Is a Vortec V-6 Engine?

The Vortec V-6 engine is a trademarked name given to an engine model produced by General Motors displacing 4.3 L, or 262ci (cubic inches). The "Vortec" moniker references cylinder head airflow technology that promotes power and efficiency and was used on both V-6 and V-8 GM engines.

How to Ship an Outboard Motor

Outboard motors can be shipped using a domestic or overseas shipping service. Many of these services offer pickup, which saves time and trouble at your end. Before calling for pickup, it's necessary to prepare the motor for shipping and seal it in a shipping crate. Preparing the motor is not difficu

How to Change the Bulbs on a Nissan Xterra

Change the headlight bulbs on your Nissan Xterra anytime you notice one is dim or not functioning. Bulbs that have stopped working pose a hazard as the driver's visibility is lowered. The bulbs are available at any auto parts store and can be purchased in pairs or one at a time. Replace the bulbs to