Year, Semester or Summer? Study Abroad Korea

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Your college years offer you a great opportunity to study overseas in Asia. Once you are out of school, it can be very difficult to juggle family responsibilities and workloads in order to take time out for travel to South Korea, but while you are in college you can take advantage of student financial aid and other assistance in order to study abroad korea []. Students from the United States and Canada may choose from a year-long educational experience, for simply study abroad in South Korea for a semester or even for a summer.

Studying for a full year in South Korea is a great opportunity to gain a better grasp of both the language and the culture. Many classes in a wide range of academic subjects are taught in English, so that complete language proficiency is not a prerequisite to your participation.

Another great benefit to a longer stay at a South Korean university is that you will have more time to meet and get to know local students. These types of friendships often continue after the school year is over, and can make a big difference in your ability to understand your host country. You will be able to live on or near the college campus, and can, in your off hours, experience the food and history of this culturally rich country.

Students who are working on college degrees at a home university or college in the United States or Canada will also find that overseas classes are useful in that regard. Your South Korean university credits earned during year-long, semester or summer sessions can transfer back to your home college, and can be applied to your degree program there.

Many students find that, due to academic commitments as well as sports and other club participation, that a shorter study term is a better fit for them. The semester study abroad in South Korea option is a popular one, as is the summer study program. These can be fit into your academic year when it makes the most sense with your other graduation requirements.

For more information on how to plan for a study abroad in korea experience, you will want to contact an academic guidance counselor as well as a financial aid counselor at your home university, and then go online to search for study abroad programs that offer additional assistance in making your Korean study educational experiences a positive one for you.
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