How to Remain Happy Everyday

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Have you came across or known someone before who seems to be happy almost everyday of their lives? If you have, I am sure you have wondered what their secret is and how you can also feel the same way as them.
After all, the main reason behind all the things we want is only because we think that we would feel happier after getting the things we want, be it a healthier body, a better partner, a better career or anything else.
So how can you remain happy everyday? Or how can you actually learn how to 'practice' happiness? Here are three simple ways to help you get started.
Practicing gratitude.
By practicing gratitude and being thankful for the things you have, you will find it a lot easier to be happy with what you already have in your life.
Just take a look at someone who is unhappy and you would find that most of the time it is because they are actually expecting or wanting something that they currently do not have in their lives.
This actually prevents them from being happy with the things they already have! Not practicing gratitude is probably the main cause of unhappiness, and all of us fall into this bad habit sometimes.
But the more you start to become thankful for the things you have in life, the more happy and joyous you will be! 2.
Laughter Like the old cliché always go: Laughter is the best medicine.
I am sure that you already know that it is actually really difficult to laugh and still be unhappy for long.
In fact, laughter is currently probably the best or strongest cure for unhappiness now.
The reason behind this is because laughter actually helps to takes the edge off of something bad and clears your mind of worry and anxiety.
Maybe you would think that if something is really bad, you would not be able to laugh or feel like laughing.
But that is totally not true at all, and that is also the best thing about laughter - it is quite difficult to control and can happen anytime whether you like it a not.
Laughter is almost uncontrollable, spontaneous, yet wonderful at the same time.
So start keeping a collection of funny movies or recordings of great comedians, and make laughter a part of your life! 3.
Having a sense of purpose and growing Usually, the main cause of emotional pain and unhappiness is because one feels that his life lacks a sense of direction or purpose and that his growth is stagnant.
Everybody requires something in their lives that will be able to provide them with a sense of purpose and also allowing them to grow at the same time.
Thus just by having a strong sense of purpose and having constant growth, one would be able to remain happy.
So what are you waiting for? Start practicing these 3 simple yet effective techniques now, and watch happiness flow into your life!
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