Holistic Practice Marketing - How Public Speaking Can Help You Build Your Holistic Practice

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Public speaking is a great way to build and market your holistic practice.
Although I generally prefer internet marketing over all other approaches, public speaking remains a proven offline way to gain a lot of exposure and attract new clients.
It has been proven that our society has a greater fear of public speaking than it has of death.
Most of us strongly resist the notion of getting up in front of a large group of people to share our wisdom and knowledge.
This is understandable, but it's also important to realize that the areas that we resist the most often hold the greatest sources of power for us.
If we can go into that resistance, there is often a great deal of power and potential that becomes unlocked, and as a result, a deep form of stagnation that becomes liberated.
When I first began speaking in front of groups, I struggled with anxiety and insecurity to a marked degree.
I pretty much hated it at first because it felt so uncomfortable, but I stuck with it because I knew that if I could overcome this fear, it would be a tremendous help both personally and professionally.
The main thing that helped me overcome the aversion to public speaking is the constant repetitive ritual of speaking over and over again.
Eventually, the fear and anxiety wore off and it became very natural for me to speak in front of groups.
Then, a funny thing happened.
I actually started to enjoy it...
and a lot of people started complimenting me on my speaking abilities.
I had one talk that I did on treating anxiety and depression with acupuncture that had about 100 people in the audience and I got about 13 new patients from it.
That's when I realized how powerful the spoken (and written) word is.
if you have struggled with public speaking in the past, just know that you CAN do it.
In fact, if you are a shy, introverted person, the irony is that you likely have a lot more substance and value to offer than do a lot of people who speak regularly in front of groups.
There are a couple of key points I want you to keep in mind when you speak in front of groups: 1.
Keep it simple and highly relevant to the audience
: Avoid or minimize theoretical language, abstractions, or philosophical pontificating.
Speak to the audience from their perspective-not yours.
Get into their struggles and pains, and show them tangible and practical solutions that you can offer them.
Find the balance between rehearsal and spontaneity:
You've probably heard it said that preparation is the antidote to anxiety.
While there is some truth in this statement, it's also true that you can over rehearse to the point where your talk sounds mechanical and rigid.
Have a clear outline in place for your talk, but don't script out every line.
What really makes people want to engage with you is the spontaneous opening and insight that occurs when you just relax into the situation and let go of the need to control what is happening.
Share stories.
Get the audience engaged.
Encourage people to interact with you after the talk.
Always reinforce the suggestion that you are just there to help and that you are happy to answer any questions during a private consult in your office.
I recommend that you book at least one speaking gig per month in your local area.
You can typically find opportunities at the health food store, local corporations, yoga centers, gyms, schools, or support groups.
As your public speaking skills improve, you'll notice that this creates a positive ripple effect throughout your practice-and your life as a whole for that matter.
You'll be able to communicate more effectively with clients, thereby building rapport and trust and increasing client retention.
You'll feel more confident having selling conversations and sharing the value of what you have to offer.
I consider public speaking a rite of passage for any entrepreneur who is committed to their success.
Break out of that shell and share your insights with the world! It's a great service to offer, and a great way to market your practice.
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