Setting Goals For Your Network Marketing Business

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If you are in network marketing then you are a business owner who should have both short term goals and long term goals.
Goals help you get from point A to point B.
I'm not a huge supporter of objectives that don't come with an action plan.
For example, saying "I want to earn a million dollars" is very hard to break down into an action plan and small achievable objectives.
However a target of "I want to spend two hours of my day marketing for the next thirty days" is very achievable and can be broken down into an action plan.
One of my long term plans in my own business is to increase my team.
My short term goals to get there are.
Talk to three new people each and every day 2.
Write articles and be known in the industry 3.
Invest time every single day marketing my business These are all measurable and achievable.
What other targets can you set for your business? What about customer targets? You can make a plan to get samples into the hands of ten new people every week.
You can make a plan to get catalogs into the hands of ten new people every week and you can make a plan to ask every existing customer for a referral of someone else you can contact.
Sometimes companies have incentives for their distributors.
When your company offers these incentives, create a plan that will help you achieve the incentive offered.
Goals can be weekly, monthly or yearly.
For example, I like to write thirty new articles each month.
I try to write six to eight articles per week.
My long term aim is to reach one thousand articles.
If I meet the eight articles per week, I'll hit the one thousand in three years.
Sit down and write out where you hope to be one year from now.
Then break this into small chunks of achievable steps you can take now to hit that end target.
You'll build your business and also experience personal growth.
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