I"ll Be Happy When

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Have you ever said or thought to yourself, "I'll be happy when ...
?" What was it that determined your happiness in that statement? Owning a new home? Earning a certain amount of money? Being in a romantic relationship? Paying off your bills? Losing weight? Getting a promotion or a new car? Maybe you thought "I'll be happy when that person is no longer in my life," or "I'll be happy when I retire and I am able to travel.
" All of these "I'll be happy when" statements are beliefs you are holding in your mind; beliefs which give your self-power away and allow other people, situations and experiences to determine and define your happiness.
Those "I'll be happy when" statements are attached to emotions, behaviors and strategies that play out in your life.
The longer and more deeply you hold onto them, the more ingrained they become.
The likely result is a pattern of negativity and self sabotaging behavior.
Imagine if you replayed over and over in your mind "I'll be happy when I have 150,000 dollars in the bank.
" You keep striving and pushing towards saving 150,000 dollars and you're not getting anywhere or it's taking a long time to achieve significant progress.
The emotions that surface are frustration, anger and disappointment.
These emotions create behaviors such as more striving or placing pressure and stress on yourself to succeed.
You might give up or maybe engage in behaviors and practices that normally you would consider to be unethical or morally wrong.
The result is that not only do you not have what you want in your outer world, but you also don't have what you want to achieve in your inner world-happiness.
By holding onto these "I'll be happy when," belief statements you are basing your happiness on the conditions of your outer world.
"When my outer world is perfect then I will be happy.
" But the reality is that when you concentrate on healing your inner world and become happy within yourself, then all the things you desire will flow to you more quickly and easily.
Some of them you might realize you don't even want or need any longer.
And if some of your wants never materialize or if they take a long time coming, you're okay because you are happy on the inside regardless of what is going on outside.
The key to living the life you desire and having what you want in your outer world is to take care of your inner world first.
For a long time I lived my life in the pattern of "I'll be happy when.
" I'll be happy when I fall in love and get married, when I lose 20 pounds, when I buy a condo, when I make X amount of dollars.
For years this "I'll be happy when" pattern had me running around striving, pushing and manipulating my way into situations and experiences.
It had me stressed, depressed, unhealthy and entrenched in a very negative, "Everyone is against me; nothing ever goes right for me," mindset.
When I finally "woke up" and realized that I needed to change how I felt about myself, life, and other people, my internal world radically shifted.
As my old outdated and negative beliefs were transformed into positive beliefs; the joy, peace and harmony I had been seeking from other people flooded my inner being naturally and became part of my everyday life.
The experiences and material objects I wanted found their way into my life effortlessly.
My desires changed.
Instead of being frustrated and impatient with what hadn't come into my life, I had faith and trust that what I wanted was in the pipeline and heading my way.
Imagine for a moment that there is a constant flow of joy, happiness, peace and love within yourself.
With all of that going on inside it doesn't matter what is going on outside of yourself, because you're okay.
In fact everything is okay.
And now the likelihood of what you want appearing in your life is much greater.
Cleaning up and healing your inner world is always the first step to achieving your goals and desires.
If you are living a pattern of "I'll be happy when...
" may I suggest that it is time to take back your power and radically shift your inner world.
It's time to clear all of those negative and limiting beliefs, feelings and behaviors that have been holding you back in life.
It's time to replace them with positive beliefs, creating feelings of joy, happiness, and confidence which will permeate your inner being and move with you as an undercurrent in your daily life.
These new beliefs and feelings will ultimately translate into the desires of your heart in your outer world.
Happiness comes from within.
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