Snapware Total Solution™ Glass Food Storage Review

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Food storage is available in either plastic or glass which gives consumers a choice. This Snapware® combines the use of PYREX® glassware with a plastic four-latch locking lid. This combination makes them more versatile than most food storage.

Product Despcription
  • Snapware® Total Solution™ Spillproof Food Keepers. I reviewed various items from this collection: 6 Cup rectangular (1112403), 2 cup rectangular (1109307), 1 cup square (1109305), 4 cup square (1109304, 4 cup round (1109306) and 1 cup round (1109308). Total Solution™ are sold in various packs or sets, with some of the larger pieces being available individually.

  • PYREX® bakeware that is oven, microwave, dishwasher safe; oven safe to 450degF
  • Stain-resistant tempered glass
  • Easy-to-open, four-latch, air-tight and leak-proof lids
  • Lids fit glass and plastic containers
  • Write-on & erase with a permanent marker and soft eraser
  • Lids stack, clean easily
  • Important care/handling information on product insert
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on plastics; 2 year limited warranty on glass
  • Learn more from the manufacturer

How the Total Solution Food Keepers Performed

July 1st, 2013
If you like to bake with glass, you'll love these containers that couples popular PYREX® with Snapware®'s plastic 4-latch locking lids. That means you can bake in the glass and when cool, cover it to store or take it with you. You can also use them as regular food storage or lunch kit containers. It's much nicer eating out of these glass containers, than from plastic. These are also ideal for those looking for an alternative to plastic.

I've used PYREX® glassware for decades and consider this type of baking glass to be safe as long as you follow the recommended manufacturer safety tips.

See below for some cautions, but read full information on handling and care that is included on the packaging. I cannot stress this enough: Take time to read it; it's important.

I really like the sizes of this food storage line, they are very practical for individual portions, leftovers or small servings. Love the fact that once the lid is locked down, you can safely place it in a lunch kit and not worry if the container turns upside down, because you won't have a mess in there.

Of course, I did try it and also filled them with water to see if I could get them to leak. They have a rubber seal built into the lid and that does help to keep contents from spilling out. However, the Total Solution™ food keepers did not pass my water leakproof tests. Some leaked (water) more than others. So don't rely on them if contents are watery such as with juice-packed fruit. For thicker food contents, they do contain it and work well.

Lids are color coded and you can also write on these lids with a permanent marker. But note that you should only write in the designated spot, to be able to erase it later. I tried this using a Sharpie® permanent marker and it erased fine with a white soft eraser (I used a white Staples® brand). Erasing did dull that plastic area slightly, but it does work.

Precautions When Using PYREX® Glass

These are also noted on the packaging with more detail and they are an important read. If recommendations are not followed, the glass could break or shatter:
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes
  • Always preheat oven to desired temperature before inserting glassware
  • Do not add liquid to hot glassware
  • Do not place hot glassware directly on a wet or cool countertop, metal surface, or in the sink.
  • Allow it to cool on a cooling rack or dry towel or potholder
  • Do not handle hot glassware with a wet towel or pot holder
  • Allow it to cool completely before immersing to wash, placing in the fridge or freezer
  • Do not use glassware on stovetop, under broiler, on a grill or in toaster oven
  • Do not use glassware to microwave popcorn or for foods that are wrapped in heat concentrating material
  • Read the rest of the care instructions on packaging

Overall Impression & Related Resources

I do love the overall design, practical sizes, combination glass and plastic construction and easy but secure lid locking systems of the Total Solution™ collection. These are very useful for food storage. However, my rating was affected by the fact that watery contents can leak out of these and as such this can limit use, especially if you want to transport food in them.

Being able to add a description such as gluten-free or other label, is a very handy feature. And being able to use the glass as bakeware is definitely a plus. The small ones are very nice for individual baked fruit crumble or custard for work lunches. You could also bake a small quiche in the 2-cup food keeper or bring stew with you and heat it (microwave safe) at work. There are lots of possibilities. We did enjoy testing these. They also make a nice thank you or wedding shower gift.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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