Refresh Your Space (Without Breaking the Bank)

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11. An Electric Fireplace

If you've always wanted a fireplace, there's no better time to buy an electric model. They are very easy to install - most just plug into a standard outlet, there's a vast range of choices in finishes, sizes and prices. They add volumes in terms of decor to a room and often become the focal point.

An electric fireplace can also warm the space as required. Choose one with a flame that can be used with or without heat so you can use it year round to add atmosphere to a room.

Consider measurements carefully, some are very small and it can be difficult to tell from a picture how it will look in your space. You can also buy wall-mounted fireplaces if a freestanding is not your choice.

An electric fireplace can be a good source of zone heating, keeping the area you use more often warm, so you can cut back on your heating system for energy savings.More »

12. Install a Ceiling Fan

If you already have a standard ceiling light fixture, chances are you can easily install a ceiling fan with or without a lighting feature. A ceiling fan is a great addition to any room. It's practical yet very useful during hot weather to help keep the space comfortable or during the cold season to draw down the heat trapped at the ceiling.
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13. Upgrade Draperies

Curtains and draperies can become outdated and make a room look stale. Pick a room and change the draperies as you can afford to economically upgrade your living space.

Things to consider include the type of rod or drapery hardware required for the new window linens as well as appropriate length and width for the window. Also consider the material and whether it affords privacy or just adds style. For the energy miser, consider insulated draperies which help to reduce energy bills.
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14. Freshen the Room With Paint

Painting a wall or the entire room is easy to do and can dramatically change the space. Obviously, it may not be an option for renters, but if you own your home, this is the best way to freshen the whole space and change the overall look and color theme.
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15. Bathroom Make-Over

The easiest way to refresh the bathroom is to either change the shower curtain, towels or both. This is the ideal time to change your color theme if your walls and fixtures are a neutral color. Adding storage can also brighten a room and help you to organize the space.
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