Four Important Places to Visit in United States

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United States is not only big in terms of the economy; it is one of the countries in the world that offers a fantastic experience to all its tourists those who come here to visit the country. The country has interesting places for people of all ages starting from kids to the young adults. Visiting USA, you can explore the unexplored and discover some of the most thrilling places which will give you goose bumps.

You can find here the list of four important places in the United States where you can visit and have a good time enjoying your USA Holidays.

National Mall: Spread over a huge area, the National Mall is a garden with lush greenery all around. It was constructed in the year 1855 and was also known as €The Castle'. This part of the United States is jostled by tourists every year. As you walk through the National Mall, you can find a number of museums lined up one after another. Visit each of these museums to get a taste of the American history. The National Gallery of Art displays artifacts as well as paintings by famous artists. Located not too far from the place is the Lincoln Memorial which is situated just near the bank of Potomac River.

Walt Disney: Spending time with the kids will be more fun when you visit the Walt Disney World in Florida. Your visit to the country will be futile if you do not pay any visit to this place. Walt Disney is not only for kids, but also for the entertainment of adults. The four theme parks inside: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom have a good combination of education as well as entertainment for the kids. Visiting the Epcot, kids will get derive educational value as they can come to know about the cultures of different countries. On the other hand, the Hollywood Studio will give you an insight about the golden age of Cinema.

Grand Canyon National Park: Located in Arizona, the Grand Canyon National Park is the largest gorge in the world. The place is home to different species of plants, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds. Visiting the place with a guide is the ultimate way to enjoy the place. Every year, Grand Canyon attracts about 5 million tourists each year. Recently, the place has added a new interest: the Grand Canyon Skywalk. It is a 65 foot bridge, which is made of transparent glass and stretches to the mid air. Walking through the bridge is really a thrilling experience.

Hearst Castle: This Castle is located in California and was built in 1919 in the memory of American journalist William Randolph Hearst. This architecture is an example of splendid architecture of the then time period. It has got 115 rooms with pools on each side and manicured gardens that are spread over an area of eight acres. It also consists of a collection of the few items that was collected by Hearst while he travelled all across Europe. It took a total of 28 years to complete the construction of the castle. There are many special tours that are conducted for the tourists.

Empire State Building: The Empire State Building has always been the cynosure of tourist attractions in the United States. This skyscraper is a 102 storey building and is the first ever tall building in the United States. The best time to view the building is at night, when it is illuminated with 208 flood lights.
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