How to Make a Fossil Sifter

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    • 1). Cut the bottom out of the pie tin using the scissors. Pie tins come in various shapes and sizes; use the best pie tin for your situation. An 8-inch or 9-inch-deep pie tin may yield the best results.

    • 2). Use the scissors to poke holes in the pie tin along the sides near the absent bottom. The holes will be used to attach the mesh to the bottom with the zip ties. The more points the mesh is attached to the tin, the more stable the sifter will be. Use holes which are about 1/2 inch apart for best results.

    • 3). Cut a circular piece of wire mesh slightly larger (1/2 to 1 inch larger than the diameter of the pan) than the bottom of the pie tin.

    • 4). Use the scissors to poke small holes in the mesh which correspond to the holes in the pie tin.

    • 5). Place the pie tin on top of the wire mesh circle and run zip ties through all of the holes. Tighten the zip ties so that the mesh curls up around the edges of the pie tin.

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