Why Buy Shag Rugs?

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Shag rugs were in vogue during the 1960s and 70s and have made a popular comeback in the recent years.
Soft, plush and stylish, shag area rugs make excellent area rugs and that is an important reason for being adapted in newly built and renovated homes.
From retro decors to contemporary elegance, shag rugs have taken the interiors by storm.
Apart from adding style and elegance to any room, these beautiful rugs create cozy ambiance and softens the feel of hardwood or stone floors.
For easy maintenance, people prefer wooden and stone floors but like to walk on soft surfaces, thus low maintenance shag rugs are immensely popular.
Besides, providing comfort and warmth, shag area rugs absorb sounds which makes then ideal for large rooms.
These attractive rugs are perfect to separate the areas in the open floor plan houses but on the other side, can even help make the room a unit, by creatively using a rug.
From being used as a hall runner to bathroom mats or rugs, their thickness and softness makes then a well desired addition to any room.
Shag rugs come in a multitude of colors and the pile range depth is from one inch to about two and a half inch, giving that luxurious softness and lush style.
Usually rugs are tufted or woven in loops and then sheared to get the short fibers but shag rugs are left without shearing the length and that gives them that deep piled, lush soft feel.
If you are looking for an extra soft, warm shag rug, go in for rugs that have a high pile of over 2 inches.
The shorter pile gives less warmth and softness.
Cleaning a shag area rug is simple, just shake them well to remove the excess dirt or simply fluff the pile, on a regular basis but occasionally you can use an vacuum cleaner with beater bar attachment but never use the combs or teeth as the shag rug pile will get entangled.
They can also be dry cleaned for deep cleaning of the pile.
Wool yarn and blends repel dust naturally so cleaning and maintenance is easy.
These are available in a variety of materials ranging from acrylic, nylon, cotton, rayon, wool yarn, blends and a cotton base to keep it from slipping or a same sized rug pad can be used to keep your rug clean and anti slip.
With changing lifestyles and fast paced life, everyone looks for low maintenance carpets and rugs, so shag rugs win hands down.
Easy to clean and can be added in any decor makes then a very viable option when looking to redecorate any room.
Available in innovative colors, sizes and designs, they fit into any decor and size of the room.
If you are looking to buy a shag rugs, its best to look online for a wide variety and choice in shag rugs.
Remember to buy from reputed company as color fastness and quality is important to get the best for your home.
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