How to Paint a Brick House an Almond Color

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    • 1). Clean the brick surface using a pressure washer to remove dirt and grime. Remove any remaining stains or mildew by scrubbing with a TSP cleaner or bleach solution as necessary. Allow the surface to dry for about four days before beginning your painting project.

    • 2). Use a wire brush to remove any loose grout or peeling paint from the brick. For previously painted brick, sand the surface with medium-grit sandpaper. This will help create a surface that will absorb the primer and paint. Fill any gaps or cracks in the bricks with caulk and allow to dry.

    • 3). Choose overcast, cool days to apply primer and paint. Open the can of acrylic latex masonry primer and stir it with a stick. A high-quality masonry primer helps block the darker color of brick, making it easier to lighten the facade. Dip a 3-inch nylon or polyester brush into the primer. Begin in the upper corner of the facade. Use the brush to outline a three-foot by three-foot section.

    • 4). Pour about one-half of the can of primer into a clean paint tray. Attach a paint roller to an extension pole and roll it through the primer. Make a large "W" shape with the roller in the outlined section. Fill in the areas around the "W" with the roller until the entire section is painted.

    • 5). Move directly below the section and outline another three-foot by three-foot space with the brush and proceed to fill it in with the roller. Use the roller to overlap the lines of the top and lower section to blend the two areas together. Continue this process until you have applied primer to all of the brickwork.

    • 6). Dip a 1/2-inch brush into the primer. Apply primer to any areas that the roller missed. Allow the primer to dry completely.

    • 7). Open the can of almond-colored acrylic latex exterior paint and stir it with a stick. Paint the brick surface using the same techniques described in Steps 3 through 6.

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