How to Put Pearl Paint on a Car

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    • 1). Mix the pearl concentrate with the spray paint that you purchase. Make sure to read the manufacturer's directions in case the brand you purchase has any special considerations while mixing. In general, if the base paint you choose is dark, you will need to use approximately one teaspoon of pearl concentrate per gallon. For a lighter base, you can use half that amount. Add more or less pearl concentrate based upon your own personal preference on how strong or subtle you want the pearlescent effect to be.

    • 2). Add paint reducer. Paint reducer can vary widely by manufacturer, so read the included instructions before adding to your paint. Reducer helps the paint not to be too thick and to have a more smooth consistency, so it will more easily spray out of the paint gun.

    • 3). Tape off any parts of the car that you do not want to paint. Use newspaper to cover the areas and painters tape to hold the newspaper down. This can be for areas like your windows, mirrors and tires.

    • 4). Pour the paint, reducer and pearl concentrate into the spray paint gun. Spray in long, quick strokes from the top of your car down and from the front of the car to the back. Overlap your strokes. Slow strokes will cause your paint to drip, and not overlapping can cause lines to be visible. Allow adequate time to dry before adding another coat. Three coats is typically adequate to get proper coverage.

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