Online Dating Safety - Preparing For The First Meeting

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If you are going to give online dating a try you have to take the appropriate steps to protect your privacy and security.
If you have been following along in our series of articles in online safety tips you should already have take steps necessary to safely create an ad and safely screen out potential dates.
But now it's time to actually go on a date with someone you find attractive and suitable to date.
Now there are completely new steps to take to ensure your security.
By now you should know your dates, full name, address and phone number.
You should have their email address and taken the steps to verify this information through third party investigation web sites or a private detective.
You should have an idea of their online habits and interests through the use of an online infidelity investigation ti trace their email address to their online personal ads and dating sites.
But getting ready for the date is a lot more than just getting your hair done and buying some new shoes.
The date should be carefully planned.
You should take your own car and agree to meet in a public place.
Before leaving the house you should tell a few trusted people where you are going and who you are going with.
bring a cell phone and have these friends call you and check on you during the date.
Make sure your date sees you talking on the phone with these concerned friends.
Park your car is a safe well lit area.
For a first meeting it's safest to meet in the day light and in a public place.
It's safest to avoid alcohol on a first meeting.
Avoid inflammatory conversations about religion.
politics or past abusive relationships.
Do not present yourself as weak, a potential victim or an easy mark.
Look for warning signs that your date may be the clingy, obsessive type or a predator looking for an easy mark.
If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any point, leave.
Use your phone and call your trusted friends or the police if you feel it's necessary.
It's better to be safe than sorry.
If the date does take a negative turn be polite.
Do not fight or argue but be firm and professional.
Let your date know you are leaving and they should not contact you again.
Be firm.
Do not mislead your date into thinking there is a possibility of a second date or a relationship.
You do not want to send mixed signals.
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