How to Meet Women on Facebook - A Guaranteed Method to Getting Dates From Women Online

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Have you ever wanted to meet women on Facebook? I've met tons of beautiful women using social networking sites such as Facebook (and MySpace when it was big) and let me tell you, there is nothing more rewarding than finding someone you can connect with.
To start, using social networking sites such as Facebook can be a numbers game, meaning the more women you message, the better chance you'll have of eventually meeting with them in person and hitting it off.
Now, respectfully, women don't know you from some random crazy person so you've first of all got to show them that you're a down to earth, cool person.
The very first thing that girls are going to do when you send them a message is check your Facebook profile and review it for things they don't like.
So fill your profile page with cool things, like quotes from poems, or music from bands and singers you like.
You can and should even have good things your friends might leave about you or cool things you guys did in the past (like "omg Anthony that was soo funny what you did last weekend! We gotta hangout again this weekend!") As for your pictures, they should be of you engaged in social events, having fun (obviously) with, preferably, tagged friends.
For instance, I like to go to clubs and parties so a lot of pictures are of me in atmospheres like this and dancing.
Show her how fun of a person you are! The very last but equally important thing to do is to send her a message.
Something casual like "Hi how are you?" or even a flattering message such as "Hi, you're really cute.
Have we met before?" Like I said, when it comes to meeting women on Facebook, the more women you send messages to, the more likely you are hit it off with one and meet with in real life.
These steps have helped me to meet dozens of beautiful women online, and if you follow them you will as well.
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