Minimize Cold-calling In Software Prospecting

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When you're in the business of ERP software, expect it to be heavily B2B-oriented. This means you're going to have to start really early in the lead generation process because finding the few (but select) people who can see the full benefits of your product can be a long and tedious process. It's for that reason why some other companies have opted to outsource telemarketing firms in order to at least get a proper business database to look through. Still, if there's anything that turns people off from using telemarketers, it's the possibility of cold-calling.

From reading just a few critiques of the cold-calling method, it's easy to see that the most common complaints are the very complaints people have against telemarketing as a whole. The biggest turn off of course is the aspect of an unwarranted call. Whether you're pursuing a B2B or B2C prospect, nobody likes to get a call they didn't expect only to realize that the caller is trying to make a fast buck out of them. The pushy salesmen attitude is indeed one popular cause to frown upon telemarketing these days.

Now with regards to a B2B industry like ERP software however, you can rest a little bit easier. While corporate executives and business decision makers don't like unwarranted calls as much as the average suburbanite, the turbulent nature of the business world will always guarantee a need every now and then. In the case of something as vital as an ERP software solution, your products are pretty much a common need. At some point, a company out there is going to have to stop saying no and admits its problems.

However slight that difference in temperance may be, you can exploit that in order to minimize cold-calling (or at least the red-flag elements alerting people that you're cold-calling them). First off, you really need a good business database to start with. This is the benefit that telemarketing companies can truly boast about without fear. Over the course of their long years in the business, a telemarketer that knows your field will have compiled enough business information and is familiar with the most needy prospects. International ones boast an even greater advantage because their experience can span several countries as much as years. From telemarketing in Singapore to a list of wealthy Bangkok contacts, picking the right one can give you all the refined information you need to diminish the element of surprise and show that you are personally aware of a particular company's problems.

Speaking of which, that's the second technique in which you must master. Once you've officially outsourced to a telemarketer, you need to constantly make sure that they know the right words to say and avoid sounding like a salesmen at all costs. For each prospect they identify, ensure that they know everything about who they're calling and most especially learn to identify the areas in which your software could remedy. By telling your prospect that you are aware of their unique problems, you reduce the chances of coming off as a typical salesman and more as a person who has spotted something wrong and letting them know you can help.

So despite fears of cold-calling, you can be rest assured that there are ways to minimize the counterproductive things that cause critics of telemarketer to identify it as such. Find a telemarketer that can work on these principles with you and people might even say you're no longer cold-calling at all!
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