If You Want Success - Have a Plan

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Many years ago, I tried to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
As you know, they don't let just anyone run the Boston, and to gain entry, you have to run a pretty competitive time.
I thought it would be easy because I ran track and cross country in high school.
Can you picture me with hair?Blowing in the wind?Coeds sighing as I run by?Never mind! To make a long story somewhat bearable, in trying to qualify for Boston, I ran the Chicago Marathon that year and started out way too fast.
I know the psychology of marathon running suggests you should pace yourself, but evidently I didn't get that memo.
By 10 miles I was struggling mightily, by 12 miles I was walking, and by 14 miles, I was looking for a taxi.
A DNF!(Do you know what that stands for?Let me give you a hint: It's not Do Not Follow.
) If one had followed me that day, they wouldn't have gone near the finish line.
That much was for sure.
Anyway, that day taught me a huge lesson.
You can't have a goal without a plan or some concrete thought on how to achieve the goal you've set.
For me, the goal was qualifying for Boston, but, when push came to shove, I really had no plan for how I was going to get it done.
Do you have a plan? Each month you get a monster set of goals that seems to grow by the day.
How concrete is your plan for achieving your numbers? Consider this bit of research I picked up some years ago with a few of my comments.
  • 70% of individuals wish to achieve their goals - but that wish is fleeting like the wind.
  • 10% have a strong desire to achieve goals - but that's really the end of their commitment.
  • 8% have high hopes - and dare to imagine from time to time that they might actually get what they want.
  • 6% have a strong belief that they have what it takes.
  • 4% crystallize their wishes, desires and hopes into a burning desire to succeed.
    (We're getting closer!)
2% actually have a plan.
(This is where you want to be!)
So let's put this lesson into practice.
When the monthly goals come out, do you prepare a plan for reaching the numbers or do you wish upon a shining star? Making numbers can be intimidating.
Not as much, though, if you have a plan.
That's just the way it works!
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