Even A Biker May Have To Have Some Bifocals

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A lot of us can't picture an older person sitting on a Harley Davidson, riding around the freeways. In fact, older riders are rarely seen anyplace else other than biker rallies. But long before the vast majority of us will actually be thought of as senior', we will start to experience a few of the signs of old age. Some of these problems can become worrying as they will make it tough for us to enjoy riding our bikes along with a few of them can even affect our safety. Vision problems is one issue we should discuss.

Not the ability to see clearly is not only uncomfortable, it's also potentially dangerous. Bifocals are often useful for bikers who use glasses for reading. Bifocals are specialized glasses with dual lenses that correct a very specific type of vision problem. This vision problem is generally a result of the aging process and it affects a large percentage of the population.

As a person ages the shape of his cornea's can alter, resulting in different strengths of vision at different distances. I, by way of example can see perfectly well at a distance of about five to ten feet. Having said that, the problems start if I want to see something that's closer than five feet or further away than ten feet as this is when things start to blur. That's where my bifocals come in; they help me to see things at a distance as well as compensating for the difficulties that I have when I am reading.

Contrary to popular belief, issues like this can make riding a motor bike difficult. Not only do you have to have to be able to clearly see road signs that are at a distance, you'll find that you require to be able to read your speedometer and odometer very clearly. People that need to wear their bifocals to help with everyday life will often benefit from wearing them when riding their motorbike as well.

The good news is that there's bifocal riding glasses available today and you can find them at places like the Online Biker Shop. To be clear, bifocal riding glasses are not intended for prescription use (you'll have to see an optometrist for that) but they work well if you're one who uses reading glasses on a regular basis. When you use bifocal riding glasses you will be able to see what is in front of you on the road along with all the gauges you need to have to be looking at.

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