How To Fully Seo Optimize Your Blog

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Tons of people are setting up blogs each day, but I hardly ever see them setup right for the search engines. Even some of the big internet marketers are ditching a lot of the basic rules when it comes to setting up your blog the best way. This article will teach you how to setup a blog that Google will love.

The first thing you need to consider are making sure you have the right plugins installed. The most important free Wordpress Plugins you need are:

1.) All In One SEO
2.) ShareThis
3.) Google XML Sitemap
4.) Google Analytics For Wordpress
5.) Simple Link Cloaker
6.) Tweet This
7.) Comment Luv

The All In One SEO Plugin will allow you to put Descriptions, Keywords and Titles which will show up in the Search Engine in each of your posts. It will also allow you to rename your files to what ever you want instead of defaulting the post URL to your title name. And if you add permalinks you can even make the file extensions .html, .htm or .php.

Share this will allow anyone who visits any of your posts the opportunity to book mark them with the major Social Bookmarking Sites. These will automatically be displayed at the bottom of each of your posts.

Google XML Sitemap will create sitemap at the bottom of your blog. When google sees this it will know to spider all of these pages. Each time you make a blog post, the sitemap will automatically update and add this new URL to the site structure. After you install this plugin you will need to activate it before this function becomes live.

The Google Analytics For Wordpress Plugin will give full Google Analytics capability to your blog and will allow you to track all of your blog pages so you know how much traffic they are getting. Actually this plugin does a ton more than this.

Simple Link Cloaker will cloak all your Affiliate Links, or any other links you want cloaked. This means Google won't be able to find these and penalize your blog.

Tweet This will allow anyone who visits any of your blog posts to click the Tweet This button which goes at the bottom of each of your blog posts and tweet your post using their Twitter Account. This is an automated way to build backlinks to your posts.

Comment Luv is a Wordpress Plugin that attracts people and encourages them to make blog posts on your blog. These are usually Search Engine Savvy people who know they can target a specific keyword when making a comment at the bottom of any one of your blog posts.

If you follow these steps you will create a blog the Search Engines will love.
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