The Humility of Heart

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Simply put, humility is the belief that oneself is not better than another and it can be a form of powerful self discipline.
Unseemingly so, but humility allows a person to become happier flourishing with self contentment.
In fact, we are all fully capable of preserving such a natural state of mind where neutrality towards all abounds.
One way is to remain humble and courteous instead of being overly self-centered all the time.
In society, we shall live and work together with different people all through our lives, therefore, it is good to remember to share moments of joy during the good times.
When we do encounter bad times with many great difficulties, strive against negative thoughts and attempt to meet those challenges under the right mannerisms.
Hardships may be stepping stones to help make a better person.
Aim to admit faults early on to avoid future calamities.
Express precisely the very reasons underlying one's difficulties.
It is also our responsibility to accept what others have to tell us with an open heart.
Healthy relationships eventually encourage open and honest communication.
With the humility of heart, we may be given the spirit to fight on and face the many difficulties stemmed from both personal weaknesses as well as outward challenges; without falling unto extremes.
By our own experiences, we may then be able to help better and prevent to some extent another one's losses.
The state of humility promotes willingness to accept through good listening and with good nature after which acts of natural defense or counterbalancing can be done only if necessary.
It helps to provide spiritual support by calming others whom may experience similar problems and this applies practically to those we hold dearest such as family, friends and loved ones.
Being always warm at heart by keeping a humble state of mind; this promotes peace, grace, gratitude, contentment and the natural flow to learn and appreciate more in life as time goes by.
As a result, one becomes more cheerful at embracing life as it already is being full of its natural wonders despite the fact that there may be drawbacks in our lives.
Having strong wills at heart helps to remedy problematic situations without ever having to give up too soon even without help.
There is better meaning in life as one becomes less dependent upon others and more capable of working things out for oneself.
There is always joy in learning, even more in being able to solve a problem, much more in being able to help truly another apart from oneself.
Humility of heart forms the basis for us to remain humble yet true to ourselves as we become grounded to the realities of life.
Practice humility by accepting another one's flaws and weaknesses and be patient and kind towards even those not fully related.
Be sincere and compassionate towards others.
Try to see the positive aspects from the negative ones.
Perhaps what is bad in a person had not been so without a reason.
No one is perfect in life as we all have our own strengths and weaknesses.
It is more important to bring about positive changes and attempt to always overcome negative thoughts whenever they shall arise and move on to a better life.
Appreciate the little and big things in life; also the nows and thens with things important and the not so important.
As we too may eventually pass on, what we today matters a lot for tomorrow.
As time goes by so swiftly, we may learn that humility is truly important to help us preserve the very meaning of our own existence.
With such provisions at heart, we may become more successful in the future; that is by truly understanding what it means for each one of us to be happy after much life long moments of appreciation and serious contemplation.
This knowledge can only be achieved when we are being true to others as to our own.
A person may become more likeable in society with some form of humility.
As we learn the pain amongst all others, it helps to remind us of the need to be more truthful and kind.
Humility leads the way into creating harmonious relationships with people from all walks of life.
Therefore, strive to bear a gentle heart of humility as it may help us survive through hardships of all kinds and make our everyday more beautiful.
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