Autumn Wedding Centerpiece Decoration Ideas

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    • Design one of two autumn holiday centerpieces for your wedding. Create a Halloween-themed centerpiece as you entangle several different-sized pumpkins together in spider web netting. Black zombie candles with skull holders hover around the display, while tiny white ghost votive holders hold tea lights. A Thanksgiving wedding centerpiece begins with an overflowing cornucopia basket as your container. Some items inside the basket include maize, tiny pumpkins, acorns, gourds and apples.

    Bird Nest

    • Create a fall centerpiece as you use a bird nest, rather than a gilded bird cage, for your centerpiece. Elevate a twig nest on a cake plate placed in the center of the table. Three blue-speckled quail eggshells sit inside the nest, while one lone flower sits off to the side. Consider a globe thistle for a large rounded blue flower, or draping a muscari, a cone-shaped blue flower, on its side. Blue taper candles in black mesh containers sit next to the display.

    Tin Pail

    • Contrast the bright autumn colors with the cool silver tones of tin. Set a tin pail on your table as you cluster red and orange garden roses with pepperberries inside the container. Fresh-picked tree branches filled with the coloring leaves of golds, oranges and reds inserted into the arrangement add height and volume to the display. Bright green crab apples encircle the display, providing a tasty treat while the guests wait for pumpkin soup.


    • A basket lined with a red-and-green checkered pattern cloth and filled with vibrant red and green apples makes a good centerpiece display, especially when surrounded by the colorful leaves of fall. Another option is a horizontal display of golden daisies nestled inside the basket surrounded with a couple of red and gold pillar candles. Other autumn flowers you may want to add to the display include orange marigolds or red and yellow roses.

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